We at Senka will contribute to the development of society through supplying a wide range of functional chemicals, especially surfactants and fine chemicals.




The average consumer is not very aware of SENKA's activities, but in business circles,our technological prowess is rated extremely highly.
Behind the scenes,SENKA's chemical technology provides solid support for people's livelihoods.
SENKA's technology is used in textile processing and a wide variety of other fields,raging from paper making, to cosmetics and waste water treatment.
Textile Processing

Senka’s history began with textile processing agents, and this is still a main field of endeavor for us. We provide a variety of textile processing agents, including our specialties, fixing agents and printing agents. In recent years we have put effort into streamlining our manufacturing processes and developing new products that furnish functionality and meet other needs as well.
  Paper Processing

Senka develops waterproofing agents for inkjet printer paper, as well as various other types of polymers for paper, including yield improvers, fixing agents, discoloration prevention agents and sizing agents. We supply products that meet customer needs while providing added value.
  Water Treatment

Senka provides various types of macromolecular coagulants, including organic solidifying agents. In addition, we develop products that meet the needs in such areas as sewage and waste treatment, decolorization of dye wastewater, pulp recovery from white water, and the processing of mud in civil engineering. We also offer a water treatment plan able to realize low running costs.
Paints and Inks

Senka provides chemical agents that improve the wetness, dispersibility, viscosity, weather resistance, adhesiveness and other properties of paints, inks and coatings.

Senka supplies chemical agents that, by being mixed into shampoos, body soaps and other personal care products or cosmetics, adjust viscosity, improve the feel following use, and furnish various other functions.
  Lumber and Building Materials

Senka provides such products as water repellents that prevent the water absorption that weakens exterior materials, and chemical agents that prevent the seepage of dross material that can be a problem following interior decoration.
Speciality Polymers

Our range of Speciality Esters are manufactured by ourselves . The range includes wide variety of cationic water soluble polymers.
Bacterial Prevention, Fungal Prevention and Others

Through applying the technology for surfactants and fine chemicals that we have cultivated in the textile processing field, we develop and supply anti-bacterial and anti-fungal agents usable in diverse fields, and deodorizing and odor-preventing agents.

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