We at Senka will contribute to the development of society through supplying a wide range of functional chemicals, especially surfactants and fine chemicals.


Leather Processing, Bacterial Prevention,
Fungal Prevention

Product Characterisitics
SENKA ACTGEL series Synthetic thickener for paints,cleaners,removers,etc.
SHINEGUARD series Ultraviolet absorber for aqueous paint,water-color ink,etc.
PITCHNON series Additive for plaster material,prevents the contamination from used ground.
COSMUAT series Aqueous cationic polymer for cosmeics.
SENKA ULTRADRY series Bipyridyl-drying controller for paints,heavy metal-free
SENKA BACCUT series Detergent for Sterillization and cleaning of food processing factories,kitchens,etc.
SENKAMOULCIDE series Antifungal agents for industrial use,applicicable to leather,fiber walls,aqueous emulsion paints and nonwaven clothes.
HIMERIC series Detergents for cleaning of food processing factories,kitchens. Removes contamination by oil,protein and starch.
HOLDON R Nutrial and antibacterial agent for cut flower.
UNISENCE CP series Aqueous solution of poly(diallyldimethyl ammonium chloride)

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