We at Senka will contribute to the development of society through supplying a wide range of functional chemicals, especially surfactants and fine chemicals.




Senka’s Shiga Konan Office is located in an industrial park developed by Shiga Prefecture on the south side of Lake Biwa.
The office's appearance harmonizes well with the beautiful natural surroundings, and also accords with and contributes to the local community.

The production department engages in production activities predicated on the motto, “Safety, Accuracy, Speed” It also establishes specialized production lines for specific purposes and creates systems of reaction processes.
The factory has become highly efficient as a result.

Green Factory Prize (Japan Greenery
Research and Development Center)

The quality control department, through conducting close checks at multiple stages during the transition from raw material to finished product, ensures that customers will receive quality products that they can use with peace of mind. In managing operations, moreover, it manages all the processes, from production planning and inventory planning to receiving orders and shipping, based on a total system, and is continually endeavoring to eliminate the waste in these processes and reduce costs.

We believe that, in order to preserve our affluent social environment and prosper together with local society, what is most required of a company, especially a manufacturer, is to operate safely, be considerate of the environment, and ensure product quality.

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