We at Senka will contribute to the development of society through supplying a wide range of functional chemicals, especially surfactants and fine chemicals.


Business Fields

The average consumer is not very aware of SENKA's activities, but in business circles,our technological prowess is rated extremely highly. Behind the scenes,SENKA's chemical technology provides solid support for people's livelihoods.
SENKA's technology is used in textile processing and a wide variety of other fields,raging from paper making, to cosmetics and waste water treatment.

Textile Processing Paper Processing Water Treatment
Speciality Polymers
Bacterial Prevention, Fungal Prevention and Others


Senka’s Shiga Konan Factory is located in an industrial park developed by Shiga Prefecture on the south side of Lake Biwa.
The factory’s appearance harmonizes well with the beautiful natural surroundings, and also accords with and contributes to the local community

Head Office 17-34, Hanaten-higashi 1-chome, Tsurumi-ku, Osaka, 538-0044 Japan
TEL 06(6968)9101 / FAX 06(6963)3311  MAP
Shiga-Konan Factory 7-2 Oike-cho, Konan-shi, Shiga, 520-3213 Japan
TEL 0748(75)1155 / FAX 0748(75)1157  MAP


Using the polymer chemistry technology that we have cultivated over many years in the textile processing field, we seek to provide society with products that meet the needs of customers not only in the textile processing field, but in a wide variety of other fields as well, including paper manufacturing and processing, water treatment, cosmetics, and paints and inks. To be able to do this, moreover, we gather together bright young minds and forge ahead daily with research and development.

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