We at Senka will contribute to the development of society through supplying a wide range of functional chemicals, especially surfactants and fine chemicals.



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Corporate Philosophy

Our mission here at Senka is to contribute to the development of society by resolving the problems that our customers are faced with through our functional polymer’s synthesis technology.

Guiding Management Principles

1. We will continuously respond with speed to environmental changes, taking the initiative to self-transform and develop our technology.
2. We will continuously provide appealing products that customers will want to select.
3. Being an invigorated company where all its members eyes shine brightly, we will focus our energy into organizational development and fostering capable individuals accordingly.

Quality Policy (ISO9001)

1. We will establish and apply a quality policy by division and fiscal year that is fully aligned to the Medium-Term Management Plan “POWER UP 75”.
2. We are committed to understanding accurately our customers demands and to deliver satisfying and safe products that complies with all relevant laws and regulations and meets our company standards of Quality.
3. We will continuously seek improvement by constantly reviewing the effectiveness and efficiency of our Quality Management System operations.
※ISO9001:2015 Certified Office: Konan, Shiga Office
※POWER UP 75: A 4 year period Medium-Term Management Plan with a fiscal year ending in February 2025.

Environmental Declaration (KES Management System)

Guiding Philosophy
Senka Corporation will act and be thoughtful of the will to prioritize the environment, striving to contribute to society by protecting and harmonizing the global environment through all of its activities, with the recognition that preserving the global environment is the ultimate task shared by all of humanity.

A provider of a wide range of fine chemical products centering on surfactant fine chemicals, Senka Corporation advocates environmental management with the objective of being in harmony with the global environment. Throughout every aspect of the chain, from development, procurement of raw material, production, sales and distribution to customer use and disposal, we establish guiding principle objectives to protect the environment as well as reduce its global environmental impact.
※KES Management System Certified Office: Konan, Shiga Office

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