We at Senka will contribute to the development of society through supplying a wide range of functional chemicals, especially surfactants and fine chemicals.


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1948 NIPPON SENKA KOGYOSHO founded in Miyakojima Osaka city.
1950 NIPPON SENKA Industry Co.,Ltd. established in Morikawachi Fuse city.
1951 Powder type fixing agent developped for the first time in Japan.
1959 Fixing agent for polyamide fiber "NYLONFIX" developped.
1960 Wool protecting agent "SCALESET" and printing thicker "SENKAPRIMOGEN" developped.
1965 Fixing agent for cellulose fiber "SUPRAFIX" developped.
1968 Shiga konan factory completed.
1969 Soil reforming agent "EIKAN NS" developped.
1977 Fixing agent for reactive dyes "SENKAFIX" developped.
1978 Leveling agent for polyester fiber "ESQUAL" developped.
1985 Multi-purpose agent "MULTIFINE" developped.
1989 Shiga laboratories established.
1990 Corporate name changed to SENKA corporation.
1991 SENKA [THAILAND] Co.,Ltd. established.
1992 Flocculant "SENKAFLOCK" developped.
1993 SENKA [THAILAND] Co.,Ltd. began production.
1995 SHANGHAI DAXIANG CHEMICAL INDUSTRY Co.,Ltd. began production.
1996 Additives for paper making "PAPYOGEN" developped.
2000 50th anniversary of the foundation of a corporation.
2001 SENKA pronounced replaceing alkyllphenol derivatives with non-alkyllphenol material.
2003 SENKA made SHANGHAI DAXIANG a 100% owned subsidiary.
2005 55th anniversary of the foundation of a corporation.
2006 β-1,3(1,6)-glucan "BASIUMGEN" developped.
2007 Synthetic thickener "SENKA ACTGEL" developped.
2009 Core-corona type polymeric nanoparticles "NANO ATTACKER serise" developped.
2010 60th anniversary of the foundation of a corporation.
2011 Chlorine-free cationic polymer "UNISENCE series" developped.
2013 Allyl-based Network Polymer Precursor "UNISENCE NPP series" developed. Functional poly(DADMAC) "poly(DADMAC)-based polymer surfactant" "Amphiphilic poly(DADMAC)" developed.
2014 COD reducer "SENKAFLOCK BM series" developed.
2015 Deodorant processing agent "SENKAMELSEN series" developed.
65th anniversary of the foundation of a corporation.
2017 Authorized as "The Driving Company for the regional future" by Japan's Ministry of Economy, Trade and Industry
2020 70th anniversary of the foundation of a corporation.

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